Our mission is to design and build high quality websites for affordable prices.

Our policy is not only to build websites but also to build a close working relationship with the client. We can then develop the best and most suitable website for the needs of the customer. We want people to continue using our services into the future and not just one off sites.

Abweb started in 1998 with a few small information sites. Since then the advancement and increased speed of the Internet has allowing us to fully utilise the high technological skills that we have developed over the last 23 years.

Each website is hand crafted and engineered to the need of our clients. We don’t use templates just simple innovative design. Most companies have a corporate identity before they come to us so we simply interject their image into the website. All of our website have the ability to be edited by the client weather that is a very complex shopping e-commerce site or a simple information site.